Personal Training Etobicoke Residents Have Confidence In

Train by Trina specializes in at home personal training in Etobicoke and throughout the greater Toronto area.

Trina Lambe, Train by Trina’s founder is an elite athlete with a background in competitive figure skating. Following her life’s passion of assisting others to achieve better fitness and overall well being, Trina has assembled a first-rate team of fitness professionals who specialize in crafting programs that are specific to the needs and current fitness levels of each client, show great results – and are fun!

If you’re just starting on a fitness program, our trainers will assist you in creating a program that allows you to gradually build up your fitness without pushing it too hard from the start. Workout programs have to be fun and enjoyable while still producing results that motivate you to stay on track.

If you’re a more experienced fitness buff who knows your way around a gym, our personal trainers have the ability to take you to the next level by using a holistic training approach which treats your body as a dynamic and adaptive system.

If you’re ready to an take the all-important step towards improved fitness and overall vitality we invite you to contact Train by Trina today at 1.888.600.4914 for a no-obligation consultation. We strive to make personal fitness fun and enjoyable while delivering the approach – and results – you’re looking for.