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In Home Personal Training

Do you want to be healthier and fitter in 6 weeks? WHAT is going to happen in your next 6 weeks? You are about to embark on a 6 week exercise experience that will get you closer to a goal and leave you healthier than when you started. We say 6 weeks – that’s because this is how Train by Trina works. Every 6 weeks we reassess and set a new goal for your exercise and nutrition needs. Training with intention and passion is how you get to your goal. Train by Trina’s 6 week exercise experience all starts with your free in home assessment. Our scheduling director can book you in now!

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Corporate Wellness

Companies who understand that happy and vigorous employees are productive team members hire Train by Trina for their workplace specific wellness programs. Train by Trina creates exercise and nutritional programs for your employees, catered to your specific employees’ needs. Whether you require specifically designed programs for employees with LTD issues or trackable challenges to increase team building Train by Trina has a program that will deliver better corporate productivity and reduced turnover (an average of 91% improvement) which translates into a better bottom line.

Train by Trina has conducted supporting research and demonstrated tangible results derived from its employee wellness programs.

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Older Adult & Seniors Exercise

A safe and effective exercise plan for older adults and seniors will improve quality of life, enhance independent living and longevity.

Train by Trina has 3 proven training systems to support older adults in exercising safely in their home and improving quality of life. During the FREE initial fitness assessment we also include a balance and cognitive function assessment for our Older Adults to help set goals to improve both mind and body.

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“Trina and her staff have provided a variety of wellness programs here at UHN for several years now. All her instructors are creative, wonderful teachers who are able to connect and motivate our staff along their individual wellness paths. Trina herself is extremely innovative: continually creating new programs to meet our staffs physical wellness needs. Whether it be a series classes, taking programs to the clinical floors, providing seminars and lunch and learns, or special unit education days, our staff satisfaction scores for her programs indicate that 98% view them as good or excellent. You can’t get much better than that!”

Alison Cocking
UHN Workplace Wellness Manager
Toronto General Hospital

“If you ever meet Trina, you probably will remember her not just by the energy she brings in to a room, but also the enthusiasm that she has towards her job. After working with her for two months, I have to say that she really tries her every effort to improve the gym environment in our building. We have various classes, monthly seminars, and our residents just love them. If you are looking for someone who is very organized and is always on top of things, Train by Trina is definitely a good choice!”

Dawn Chen
Property Manager

“The TBT instructors – they have been fabulous and flexible to work with the spaces we use & equipment available (sometimes only mats) which makes it possible for us to offer programming at all of our sites – thank you!!”

”‘Melissa was perfect and very much appreciated by the group’ were the words of the organizer, so a BIG thanks to you for arranging and Melissa for delivering”

Elise Arbic
UHN Workplace Wellness Manager
Toronto General Hospital

“One of the best things I ever did was to contact Trina about getting a personal trainer. I had been thinking about it for a long time, but didn’t know how to find someone to suit my needs. Enter “Train by Trina”! From our first conversation, I knew I had come to the right place. Trina set up an appointment with me, assessed my fitness level, listened to my requirements and concerns, and then put me in touch with my trainer. This experience has exceeded my expectations. Thank you, Trina! You’re doing a great job and I am delighted that I got in touch with you and got back on the road to fitness.”

Irene Krestell